50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter's Hand

50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter’s Hand

These engagement stories from Ask Reddit will warm your heart.

31. We were out at dinner and my then Girlfriend went to the restroom. I asked him for her hand. His reaction was literally “whaaaaaaat?” He said yes and asked when I was gonna propose. I said right now. He’s a big time planner and plans every single detail for everything he does. He always gets mad that I never plan anything and everything always works out for me. Like asking him to marry his daughter a minute before I proposed.

32. I bought the ring, and suddenly couldn’t wait to propose. Instead of taking a month to plan something spectacular, I just wanted to cook her dinner the next day and give her the ring then. So I called her mom, and asked her, then asked for her dad’s phone number at work. I couldn’t even take the time to ask in person. I called the building, and they had to call for him over the PA system to come answer the phone…

When I asked him, he got all choked up, I think there might have even been some tears. It’s really the only time I’ve heard him cry, other than at his dad’s funeral. He’s a big tough construction worker, so he normal doesn’t show emotion like that.

He said of course I could propose to her, btw.

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