50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter's Hand

50 Married Men On How They Asked Their Fathers-In-Law For Their Daughter’s Hand

These engagement stories from Ask Reddit will warm your heart.

20. Teared up, said that I was who they had been praying for.

21. When I had this talk with my father in-law, he pretty much just side-stepped the conversation and grilled me about my credit score and about how important it was to be financially responsible. (For the record it’s not like I’m obviously irresponsible or have a history of debt, my credit score is above 700) Hes a pretty gruff guy, so I was not expecting a overly emotional conversation, but that just blew me away. My wife’s older brother gave me his blessing the next time I saw him since he heard his Father hadn’t given me a definitive answer one way or the other. His reaction was basically, “Well you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, but how’s your credit?”

22. I didn’t ask, I just basically said, “Want to see something cool?” And I showed them the ring and they were super stoked so I guess it went pretty well.

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