50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They've Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They’ve Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

These introverts from Ask Reddit have gone to great lengths to avoid human interaction.

21. Telling the pizza guy through a cracked door that I didn’t order pizza just to avoid talking face to face was my low point.

22. I had a huge crush on this guy senior year of highschool. Like, would uncomfortably stare at him the whole class period crush. One day, we added each other on Facebook, switched numbers, and started texting. I have this weird tic where I’ll start to second guess my people skills and will kill off any relationship (friend, dating, etc. ) So I dont disappoint them. Same thing happens here. Thing is, we still had class together. Several months of it.

Every time I saw him, before he could notice me, I would take a separate hallway, wait for him to enter the class, wait till the bell was about to ring, THEN, walk into class. If he was still in the hallway, walk around another hallway, wait for him to go away. Pretty sure I was late a couple times so I didn’t have to run into him. If I was walking to a different class and saw him, it meant I was going to be late to my next class since I was going to be waiting in the hallway until there was no chance of running into him.

THE ANXIETY. i wouldn’t even look him in the eyes because of how nervous I was! So I thought I lost him for good… 2nd year of uni, he texts me out of the blue and invites me to go see Godzilla with him. Turns out, he had a crush on me as well! So 4 years later, here we are, picking out a crib today for a baby that’s gonna be here in 9 more weeks.

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