50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They've Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They’ve Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

These introverts from Ask Reddit have gone to great lengths to avoid human interaction.

17. In order to avoid a mandatory Christmas social for work, I legitimately took myself to the ER just to get the registration wristband (for proof that I actually went to the hospital) and then left. Wasn’t sick or anything, and I didn’t even see a doctor. I just needed a hospital wristband to prove that I had a reason not to go to the work mixer (so I wouldn’t get fired).

I hated my coworkers.

18. Lived in a loft downtown on the 3rd Floor. The amount of times I used the stairs in effort to not being trapped on an elevator with a stranger is too many to count. One time there was a family moving in. I walked all the way around the building to the opposite side’s entrance to get into the building.

Then they were using the elevators, so I took the stairs, then they were ON MY FLOOR moving shit in. I didn’t want it to look like I was trying this hard to avoid them, so I said, “whoops! Wrong floor” and walked up 2 extra floors and waited 10 minutes before going back down to see if they were gone.

What should’ve taken me 5 minutes took me close to 30 to get in my apartment. That’s when I realized I might have a problem.

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