50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They've Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They’ve Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

These introverts from Ask Reddit have gone to great lengths to avoid human interaction.

34. Dropped out of college because I was afraid to tell my advisor/counselor about my struggles in school.

35. I work at a hotel and one of the worst things about it are the really chatty guests. They’ll just stand at my desk and jibber-jabber, completely failing to take the hint. Even saying “Excuse me, I have a lot of work to do” will typically only get them to say “Oh don’t let me interrupt”–but they’ll never walk away.

I’ve learned to call the hotel phone from my cell phone. I answer the phony call and and tell the guest “Excuse me, this is important.” Then I slip into the back and watch them on the video monitors until they fuck off.

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