50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They've Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

50 Introverts Reveal The Crazy Things They’ve Done To Avoid Human Interaction 

These introverts from Ask Reddit have gone to great lengths to avoid human interaction.

25. Ordered food to be delivered, but my housemates and their SO’s were downstairs. I told the delivery person just to drop the food on the porch and I’d get it. I waited around 5 hours, starving and eating a bag of marshmallows in my room until everyone went to bed to fetch my food.

26. I was at a dorm party in college. I became overwhelmed and hid under my gf’s bed. They looked for me and everything. Once I was able to rejoin the party, strolled back in and acted like I had stepped out. I cringe thinking about it.

27. I don’t go into a shopping aisle in the grocery store unless it’s empty.

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