50 Dumb Things Guys Do On First Dates

38. Don’t tell her she’s your soul mate.

“Insist that we’re made for one another and that you’ll be patient and wait for me to be ready. Seriously, I really liked the guy, and was completely put off by his insistence that I was his future.

We’d had dinner, not a date, before this where he was charming, confident funny, and even found a way to tactfully ask if I dated men (there was quite a bit of doubt/confusion in my social group on my preferences). I was really excited when he asked me out too, and then bam, apparently we’re soul mates.

I also found out he’d told everyone we were a couple, and even got a stern talking to from him about ‘breaking up’ with him via Facebook and embarrassing him in front of his friends. All I said was I didn’t want to go out again when he asked and confirmed that we were never a couple when it came up with other people.

I will say, in his defense, a couple of months later he apologized for his behavior, and for coming on too strong. He claims he took some awful advice. We eventually became friends.”


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