50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

Hopefully your wedding won’t turn out like these disasters from Ask Reddit.

10. Catholic mass wedding. Bride walks down the isle and the preacher starts to do his thing. It’s a large church so he’s hooked up to a mic and speaker system. About a minute in the connection starts to go out. The speakers are making horrible sounds and his words are breaking up terribly. Nobody every came out to try to fix it. He didn’t even take his mic off and just try to speak loudly. He just continued like that for the remainder of the ceremony. All that accompanied by children screaming in the back and their parents didn’t bother taking them outside, I was horrified for the bride.

This was what cemented my No Kids policy for my own wedding ceremony.

11. You want to kill a wedding? Put speeches an hour after dinner and have that happen for three hours. I think speeches started around 8 pm, by the time the video tributes and the people talking about how great everyone is ended, it was 11 o clock and everyone was just done. Not a lot of time to dance and socialize left over when the venue was closing at midnight. I was feeling sick so I should have left sooner.

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