50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

Hopefully your wedding won’t turn out like these disasters from Ask Reddit.

6. My friend’s wedding. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Him telling us the day before that he was either going to marry her or break up with her the next day.

  • Him getting drunk on the morning of the wedding and stinking of cheap rum.

  • His family falling out on the day of the wedding and half of them deciding not to attend.

  • His best man’s speech turning in to a fundamentalist Christian lecture about the holy spirit.

  • Him desperately searching for a honeymoon on the hotel computer because he had forgotten to book anything.

They’re divorced now.

7. Went to a wedding at a lake, it had stunningly beautiful scenery which looked great on the wedding photos. What you couldn’t see on the wedding photos were the algae that had formed in the lake due to the warm summer and the resulting death stench from the algae killing all the wildlife in the lake.

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