50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

Hopefully your wedding won’t turn out like these disasters from Ask Reddit.

47. Went to a low-cost wedding. It wasn’t the low budget that made it bad, but several things stemming from that.

  1. They never specified that it was a casual wedding to anyone other than close friends and family. The invitations were pretty fancy looking so I went out and bought a simple yellow sundress because I didn’t have anything nice to wear at the time. I showed up overdressed. Most people were in t-shirts and dirty jeans. The other 1/3rd were more dressed up than the entire wedding party.

  2. It was at a public park, it was crowded and there were dogs shitting everywhere and one couple in a very loud argument that you could hear across the park.

  3. The reception was held in this tiny community room you could rent. It stunk like cigarettes. Most of the guests left the ceremony and went directly to the reception, because that’s what the invitation said to do. After an hour passed without the bride or groom showing up, some caterers wheeled in some food and left. No one wanted to start eating before the bride and groom showed up, so the food just sat there getting cold. Another hour went by without the couple showing up, and eventually people got hungry enough to just say fuck it and serve themselves. I’m just being honest when I say the food was absolutely disgusting. Vienna sausages in a now cold, sweet sauce, wilted veggie platter, cold canned chili. There also wasn’t nearly enough food for all the guests they invited so by the time the people in the back of the line got up there, nothing was left. Two more hours passed before the bride and groom finally showed up. So that’s four hours we were all sitting in this tiny, stinky room, with no music, no dancing, no nothing. FOUR HOURS. Once they got there the bride and groom just went over to their table and sat there. It became apparent that nothing was actually planned for the reception other than those 3 cold trays of food for 50+ people. At that point me and the group of people I came with decided to say congrats and leave. I don’t even know why we stayed for so long.

And yes they are still happily married 10+ years later. It was just a very poorly planned budget wedding.

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