50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

Hopefully your wedding won’t turn out like these disasters from Ask Reddit.

45. A sibling’s wedding.

It was a shotgun wedding, with the bride looking like a 7-months pregnant satin sausage, the groom drunk off his ass (despite not being legally old enough to drink), the ceremony being performed by the local “indian” amongst the motorcycle gang the bride’s dad belonged to, while the groom’s mother and step-mother (who previously had restraining orders against one other) took a time out from their on-going feud to share shots out of the same flask, at a VFW hall off a major highway.

Did I mention there were turkey vultures circling the building as we arrived?!

46. Probably my cousin’s wedding. It was nice, there was nothing wrong with the wedding itself. But a lot of people were/are very confused by their relationship. It doesn’t seem like they are in love, they could be 2 strangers on the bus, that’s how much chemistry they have. It just didn’t seem like they were right for each other and just got married because they felt like it was the next step. I talked to my sister about it the other day and turns out that a few months after they got married my cousin asked our aunt (her mother) how she could get an annulment… but then a week later she found out she was pregnant… They’re still together today – she’s due this Winter. N one knows she talked to her mom about it except me, my mom and my sister. I don’t even think her husband knows.

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