50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

50 Disappointed Guests Reveal The Worst Wedding They Suffered Through

Hopefully your wedding won’t turn out like these disasters from Ask Reddit.

38. Friend’s wedding. Her and fiancé have a pretty clear idea of what they want. They involved family in some minor stuff but basically said to guests and relatives that money based help was super appreciated as they weren’t that well off, but otherwise – they’d got it sorted.

The groom’s mother can’t deal with this, and so her response is to make the whole day about her.

She changed the groom’s tie on the day without telling him because “she likes that one better”, she insists the bride’s makeup people do her hair exactly like the bride’s, she holds up the whole wedding party by fussing over who goes in what car to the point that the groom is late to the church. She snatched the mic so she could make her own speech as well as the father of the bride and then complained about their music choice during their first dance and delayed the cake cutting by saying it couldn’t happen without her there but then deciding she needed to go home and change dress before the next round of photos.

It was just so incredibly awkward for everyone, because both the bride and the groom were clearly barely holding back from losing their temper with her the whole day and she just made them both miserable rather than just letting them enjoy their own wedding.

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