44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

5. There was this abandoned school-turned-World War I-military hospital near my house that my friend and I liked to break into. One day we were rooting around the 3rd floor and we found an empty envelope on the floor of a closet. It was old, and the address was written in script. It only had a name on it. That name was the exact same name as my friend, whose name is rather uncommon. We booked it out of there real fast.

6. I was driving down a dark backroad with zero light aside from my headlights when I was 16. I was with my best friend and we were joking and being teenagers when he says to me to look out for this box that was in the road. What I saw was a box slowly inching across the road. Now, this was a night with no wind in the PNW. There was clearly something in the box. I approached slowly, thinking maybe a raccoon or cat was stuck under the box and needed help. As I’m pulling alongside it, my friend starts getting a little freaked out. I look at him (car is stopped now) and I’m like “Chill dude, we can free it”, and he starts begging me to drive. I look over and I see that it’s not a box at all. It’s just a piece of cardboard, stood up on end, just inching towards our car slowly. We were right next to it so there were no strings pulling it, and there was no wind so it couldn’t be that. It took a second to register that what I was seeing wasn’t normal, and once it did I drove so fast out of there. To this day I have no fucking clue what the fuck that was.

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