44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

37. Was walking home in middle school with a friend of mine. Hear tires squealing and we turn and look and see a car coming right at us. We jump down in a fairly large ditch right before we get shot at. We both ran into the storm drain and waited til the car drove off and hauled ass to his house. This was in a nice, suburban area and was completely out of the blue and neither of our parents believed us.

38. It was like 2 am, I took my clothes off and went to sleep. A minute later something hit me at my head. It was one of my socks. When I take them off I throw them in a corner of my room, so someone threw it back at me.

But there was no one in my room, was alone 100%. May not sound so scary, but it was for me!

  • No, there were no fans in the room.

  • No wardrobes or similar around my bed.

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