44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

3. At my old apartment, I was brushing my teeth and my makeup bag flew off the shelf and slammed into the wall across the room. No windows, no fan, the bag was all the way on the back of the shelf against the wall. It did not fall, it flew like the opening pitch. I noped out and went to bed.

Next morning I checked my phone and had a notification from the ‘Sleep as Android’ app. It records movement and sound overnight to wake you at the lightest point in your sleep cycle. I do not sleep talk, and I live alone. I heard on the recording my bedroom door click and creak open (it had a very distinctive creak) and a male voice talking lowly. And then the door closing again.

I lived on the 14th story of a building with no balconies. One needs a coded key-card to get into the front door, and to use the elevator or open the stairwell, and then to open the door to the hallway, and to get into the front door of the apartment and to get into my bedroom. So if I go to the bathroom and forget my key card, I am locked out of my bedroom. It would be insane to break in to any of these. I moved out a few months later.

4. I get insomnia. It was one of those nights, and I was sitting out on my back porch at about 4:00AM smoking a cigarette. It was one of those eerie nights where there is absolutely no breeze and it’s just completely quiet out. We have woods behind our house, and I as I was sitting there I see this person making his way through the canopy of the trees, like jumping from tree to tree, 30 or 40 feet up in the air. I was absolutely stunned and just sat there dumbly, too afraid and confused to even get up and run inside the house. This person or thing or whatever it was stops directly behind my house and looks at me. At this point it’s about 50 feet away and maybe 40 feet up in the air. It pauses for about five seconds staring in my direction.

I’m absolutely certain that it wasn’t an animal. It’s body was human shaped and it definitely wasn’t a raccoon, bear or any of the other things people have suggested it might have been. But the way it was moving through the trees definitely was not human. No human, I don’t care how adroit they were, could move like that. It was too dark to make out much detail of the face, clothing or anything like that.

After about five seconds of looking at me, it turns away and takes off the same way it had been going before, just leaping from tree to tree at a fast pace. Within a few more seconds it was out of site.

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