44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

28. When I was a kid, I had LOTS AND LOTS of plushies. One of them was a talking Ernie (from Sesame Street) that wasn’t functioning properly. You had to absolutely bang it on a table for it to say, “I feel great!”

Our old house in my home country was housed with spirits but not bad ones (or at least that’s what my parents said lmao). I never witnessed or felt anything until this one time. When I was 8, I overheard my parents saying something along the lines that my Ernie plushy spoke every time they talked about my grandma. I got irrationally scared which made my parents hide Ernie in a huge box along with my other unused plushies. One time when I was playing hide and seek, I was hiding with my childhood friend, Jay, in our spare room where the box of plushies was. While we were hiding, I figured might as well tell him the story about the haunted Ernie and my just recently passed away grandma. In the middle of the story, we heard Ernie say, “I feel great!” in the box on top of the shelf. There’s no way that was moved. And even if it was somehow moved by gravity, you need to bang Ernie on the table to make it talk. We screamed and ran outside

29. I basically lived at my best friends house in high school. If I wasn’t at his place he was at mine. He called me one Saturday morning after I had just left from spending the night thinking I had pranked him.

He and his dad went up to their attic to get Christmas decorations down and found a nest of blankets and food wrappers and clothes they didn’t recognize.

I had not played a prank and the only attic entrance was from inside the house.

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