44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

27. I’m not spiritual. I’m not aggressive.

My girlfriend and I were at my mother’s doing our laundry. The washing machine and dryer are down in the basement.

We head upstairs after loading everything up and get the the first floor. The stairs enter the first floor into the kitchen which is connected to the living room by a door frame (without door) and a small half-wall that has decorations on it which you can see over into the living and vice versa to the kitchen. These decorations are always changing and I think at the time there was a bird house, candle sticks and like stuff, and most importantly for this story: some long legged leg and arm dolls. These dolls did not look creepy while sitting with all the other decorations, but if you found it in an abandon house or a similar creepy situation you probably wouldn’t touch it.

We walked into the living room and I told my girlfriend I needed to grab something from the upstairs room. The staircase to the second floor is small, only 8 steps, and are on the opposite side of the half-wall to the kitchen. So right next to the decorations.

I head up and grab whatever it was I was getting and start heading back to the stairs. When I get the to top of the stairs and look down I see my Girlfriend with her eyes wide open. Her mouth was slightly open in shock or awe. Her skin was pale as of she was dying. She didn’t make a noise at all.

I’m moving down the stairs now semi quickly now. Asking what’s wrong and what she is seeing with no answer from her. And before I know it I’m at the bottom of the steps with my hand on her throat. I was stunned. I immediately pulled my hand away when I noticed. It was not like a death grip but holding on. I would never harm her or anyone, especially in that type of a situation, really any situation. I’ve never hurt her before. I’ve never choked someone before. I’ve never been in a fight before.

After I left go of her throat she became more calm and was able to speak but was still shook, I would be too if someone was just choking me.

She said that the doll that was sitting with all the decorations looked at her. It was facing away as she watched me trot up the stairs and as I was coming back she glanced toward decorations and the dolls head turned and looked at her. It turned as fast as a finger snap or a blink.

She knows I would not hurt her and was confused as to my reaction of her being completely frightened. As was I.

In my mind I was moving down the stairs and asking what’s wrong. I got to the bottom of the steps and all of the sudden my hand was on her neck.

I cannot explain what she saw or why my reaction was to grab her neck. Its like I wasn’t controlling myself. My reaction was confusion and asking what’s wrong.

I’m not spiritual at all. If spirits, God’s and demons are real then that might explain what happened. Other than that I have no idea.

After it happened and we had both calmed down I remember looking at the doll. It was looking back at me. It felt evil. Sinister.

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