44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

23. Had a major disagreement bordering on abuse with my dad while on a family vacation, and asked him to return to his house in his car and we would return to our house in a different state in our car.

While my husband and kids and i were getting organized in our car my phone rang. It was dad. I answered; nobody there. It happened again, then again. My dad was on the other side of the parking lot getting organized himself. I got out of our car and walked over to his car to ask him what he wanted. He had no idea what i was talking about. His phone – at that point an old timey flip phone, was under the passenger seat of his car. When we finally found it and looked at the recent calls, there were none to my number. My dad wasnt that technologically advanced; the likelihood of him clearing calls then ditching the phone was way more than he likely would have been able to do.

My only explanation was that it was some sort of divine intervention from someone “looking out” for us. We were able to talk some things out at that point and he apologized. If that hadnt have happened, that likely would have been the end of our relationship.

As I type this, I am on the way to his memorial service. RIP, Dad, and thanks to whoever provided the divine intervention.

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