44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

44 True Creepy Stories That Will Make You Wonder What Else Is Out There

These stomach churning stories from Ask Reddit will ruin your appetite.

1. I was stationed in Seoul, South Korea several years ago. I was taking a shower in my room and when I got out, the word “leave” was written in small letters in the fog on the bathroom mirror. I didn’t have a roommate because NCOs got their own private rooms. A little freaked out, I decided to do exactly that; leave. I went off post for some Korean BBQ and wandered the city a bit.

I came back a couple hours later to find the barracks was evacuated and half burned to the ground. The fire was pinpointed to faulty electrical wiring that caught some insulation on fire inside the walls.

Something knew it was going to happen and to this day, whatever that something was, it didn’t want me in the middle of it. I’d gladly thank who or whatever it is if they’d give me the chance but it’s been years and I still have no idea.

2. I was 18, and my brother, Chris, was 16. I also have a brother, James, who was 5 at the time. We had just moved into an older house that used to be three apartments. We just about finished unpacking and we designated rooms.

James’s room was directly above the living room with the staircase. James went up to discover his new room, and Chris and I took a short walk around the neighborhood. We got back and were sitting in the living room, just talking.

My mom says she’s going to get pizza for dinner, and leaves. She took a fairly long time, which is normal for her. I think she really enjoys the small breaks she gets when she can leave the house without James, and I never object to babysitting. Besides, James is plenty occupied with his new room.

Chris and I are just talking in the living room. James is super excited about his new bedroom. We hear him running and stomping around upstairs, opening and closing doors. Sometimes he slams the doors pretty hard, but whatever, he’s a kid. I assumed he fell asleep since the noise stopped eventually.

I hear my mom’s car pull up. I get up to meet her in the kitchen.

My mom comes in, carrying soda. James follows directly behind her, carrying the food, yelling, “PIZZA TIME!” She took him with her to get dinner (confirmed by my mom).

Chris and I just looked at each other taking too long to comprehend what was happening.

I lived in that house for four years, and that was the only time something really freaked me out.