43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

38. Being hyper-competitive.

“Amongst guys, especially young guys there’s always this need to be competitive or show off. This manifests itself in many ways. You see it in packs of loud frat dudes in social settings or even guys trying to collaborate on something as trivial as say lighting a fire when you’re all camping. They lecture each other over top of one another, act informed or be bossy, grouted with typical insults. This behavior is always amplified when women are around and it’s probably especially there as a young dude because of women.

Throwing your friends under the bus as you compete for women is lame. Competitive behavior is also exhausting, it irritates me to witness or be around.

I am the oldest of five boys. I grew up with that shit my whole life and pick up on it like it’s instinct now. I’m not a fan, it’s annoying to see or be dragged into.”


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