43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

27. Constantly making excuses.

“Making excuses, or, they are never in the wrong.

I own up to my mistakes, I make sure to apologize if I am in the wrong. People who go through life and always have an excuse for the shit that happens to them, or that they do. I can not stand them.

You have not gotten fired from 7 jobs in 5 months because all the managers were shit and jealous of you Becky. You got fired because you’re a shit worker.

You are late for every event All the time? Do not come up with a new excuse every time. It wasn’t because your dog was sick, you got stuck behind a slow truck, there was traffic. Yes that stuff happens, it doesn’t happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are late because you don’t care about being here in time. You don’t plan accordingly.

You don’t know why your boyfriend left you. Hmmm can’t possibly be because you cheated on him? Oh you didn’t cheat on him? I could have sworn I saw you making out with a guy that wasn’t him. You don’t know what I’m talking about?? Yeah, all right.

I do not hang out with people like this. I currently work with a man like this. He keeps inviting my husband and I to hang out, and I say no every time. People like this are toxic.”


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