43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

20. Indecisiveness.

Where do you wanna eat?
‘Doesn’t matter to me.’
Cool. Chick-fil-a good, then?
‘Eww… Their breading is weird.’
Ok. How about Taco Bell?
‘No way, I’ll be shitting myself all night!’
Burger King?
‘I’m really not in the mood for fast food.’
Oh, ok. Red Robin?
‘No, that’s burgers. That’s too much like fast food.’
That sushi place you love?
‘Ugh, I just ate there last week.’
‘I’ll just be hungry an hour later.’
Texas Roadhouse?
‘The only thing I like there is the steak, and I’m trying to stay away from red meat.’
Ok, so where do you want to eat?
‘Anywhere’s fine. You decide.’”


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