‘I Fell On It, Doc, I Swear!’: 27 Hilarious Stories Of Foreign Objects That Became Medical Emergencies

‘I Fell On It, Doc, I Swear!’: 27 Hilarious Stories Of Rectal Foreign Objects That Became Medical Emergencies
Found on AskReddit.

1. A shaving-cream can. Value size. Cap included.

“A shaving-cream can. Value size. Cap included.

For your viewing pleasure.

More info: The guy, who actually looked like Santa minus the uniform, actually drove himself to the ER, walked in, sat in the triage room and was 100% honest about what happened and what was in there.

I had worked years in this small ER to get a story like this. I couldn’t have been happier.”


2. A full-size pineapple, leaves first.

“My mom is a nurse and came home crying one day because a guy came into the hospital with a full-size pineapple up his ass….leaves first.”


3. A fork. Forky end first.

“A fork. Forky end first.”


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