50 Ways For Girls Who Care Too Much To Stop Giving A Damn

50 Ways For Girls Who Care Too Much To Stop Giving A Damn

If you care too much, then you need to read through these wise pieces of advice from Ask Reddit.

1. Always ask yourself, “Does this directly effect me?”

I realized years ago that things that once upset me almost always had zero effect on my life, directly.

I find it funny that people get so bent out of shape over things that have no effect on them.

2. Worry most about problems you have control over. Anything you can’t control isn’t worth your time/effort/thought/energy to worry about.

3. Build yourself into a person who you like and approve of. What other people think of you will become much less important. (added bonus: more people will like and approve of you too)

4. Exposure. Life will teach you what is worth a damn and what isn’t. If you’ve survived a plane crash, there’s probably less chance of you going to pieces over a botched pizza delivery. Or at least that is what I told myself after my dad died. Turns out it’s not as much of an automatism as I thought it was, so I’d say: exposure and awareness.

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