50 Things Women Find More Attractive Than Beards And Six-Pack Bodies

50 Things Women Find More Attractive Than Beards And Six-Pack Bodies

According to Ask Reddit, this is what women REALLY want.

1. I met my partner online and what made him stand out from the rest was he never once made it sexual and messaged me every morning to say good morning and ask how I was. 4 and a half years later he still genuinely cares when I’m not happy. I’ve never once had to worry about him cheating on me either.

2. Someone willing to take a share in generating ideas and making decisions. That starts with small things like what to have for dinner, where to go on dates, adventures. Nobody likes to be met with a never ending stream of “I dunno what do you want?” Ultimately that’s just an example of “shares emotional labour and actively strives to make the sharing of emotional labour sustainable and fair.”

3. The way he pays attention when I’m speaking. Even if it’s something he’s not particularly interested in, he still hears me out and looks at me when I’m speaking and not at his phone.

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