50 Late Bloomers Reveal How They Finally Found Their Person After Years Of Being 'Forever Alone'

50 Late Bloomers Reveal How They Finally Found Their Person After Years Of Being ‘Forever Alone’

You don’t have to be married in your twenties. Stop telling yourself you are going to die alone because these people from Ask Reddit met their partners later in life.

1. My aunt and uncle met in their 40s after they both took a continuing education class in the evening on how to meet someone, which I find really adorable

2. Tinder. We really didn’t click on our first like… 3 dates. I was wanting to call it off after that, and she went traveling to Japan for 2 weeks, and I figure we would ghost after that, but she messaged me when she came back, and I figure why not. It wasn’t until our 5th or 6th date that I actually got to really know her, and I’m so glad I held out.

Everybody has their flaws, and if you keep going with that swiping lifestyle where you ditch a person after 2 okay-ish dates, but no “spark” you’re going to wear yourself out. Introverted people really take time to come through, and you should really give them that time, because once you get comfortable, that’s when the magic happens. Give a person 5-6 dates before you decide it won’t work out.

3. As unbelievable as it may seem, my now wife chased me down on the highway to get my number. Was just driving home from some night classes at about 11PM. Not a lot of traffic out. I hop on the highway to go home when I see a car coming up on my rear very fast. I thought I had maybe accidentally cut this person off earlier or something, and now they were road raging. I start to get a little defensive, and move to the right and slow down. The car ends up matching up my speed, and I’m thinking oh, great here it goes. All of the sudden a girl pops out the passenger side window, and yells “WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER”. I tried using my hands to gesture my number, but it wasn’t working too well. We ended up exiting off the highway, exchange numbers, started texting, and went on our first date 3 days later. We’ve been together 8 years, married 4, and have a six year old son together. I love her dearly, and still can’t believe I got that lucky.

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