50 'Green Flags' That Mean Someone Is Definitely Worth Settling Down With

50 ‘Green Flags’ That Mean Someone Is Definitely Worth Settling Down With

If you want to find someone to spend forever alongside, you should keep an eye out for these green flags suggested by Ask Reddit.

1. They remember things about you from previous conversations. Then, when they bring it up, they engage about it even if it’s not their most favorite topic.

Basically, they are more concerned with having a pleasant conversation even if it’s not entirely about them, which in turn makes everybody feel great.

2. When they help someone with no strings attached.

3. When they don’t have to have the full story to help someone.

I accidentally choked on some water (wrong pipe and all) at work. And had stuff coming out of my nose, had watery eyes the whole nine. I was looking for a tissue and went into the storage room, where another coworker was looking for something. He is from Hati and is all around a wonderful person. English isn’t his first language but he gets by just fine. When I barge in he immediate thinks something personal is going on with me and jumps to action right away, there were no tissues in the storage room but he turns and says, “I get tissue right away stay here.”

I’m starting to laugh to try and explain its literally no big deal and isn’t serious but his demeanor and haste is so endearing to me. He comes back right away and even knocks on the door, when I try and tell him “dude come on in its all good.” he just opens the door and hands me the tissues without even looking in the room. I think he even runs interference at the door to try and give me privacy. While I’m in there it hits me on how much of a good person he is and I feel loved (we have worked together for greater part of a decade). He wouldn’t believe me when I told him it was just water, and was just like “it’s okay I don’t tell.” Such a good dude.

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