37 People Confess The Hilarious Reason Why They ‘Noped Out’ In The Middle Of A Sexual Encounter

17. I realized it’s some other dude’s spunk leaking out of her.

“Ex-girlfriend calls me a few months after we broke up (relatively amicable) to drop off a box of stuff she had at my apartment. So I go over and she’s wearing this tiny baby doll dress and being all giggly and flirty. OK, sex with the ex…cool, right? Yeah, she was a little crazy (not clingy crazy, but more quirky/hippie/new-agey crazy).

After catching up, we start going for it. It’s passionate. It’s fucking electric! She’s laying down and takes a moment to give me a show as I watch her untie the bows on her panties and present herself to me—freshly shaved in a time when that was a rarity. So we go back to kissing. My hands go down and she opens her legs to give me access. She’s wet. Soaking wet. Like…unusually wet. It feels…different. Then I realize it’s some other dude’s spunk leaking out of her. Noped the fuck right out of there.”



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