37 People Confess The Hilarious Reason Why They ‘Noped Out’ In The Middle Of A Sexual Encounter

16. ‘Shh, shh, keep your voice down! Everyone is upstairs sleeping!’

“A woman I worked with was always hitting on me but I always shrugged it off since I was technically her boss. Then she quits to go to another job and there she is waiting for me outside after my shift.

Flash forward and we’re at her place doing the thing. I’m locked in my rhythm and my eyes start to wander around the room for a moment. Why am I seeing all these pictures of small children? Wait… oh no…

‘Wait, what’s with the kids? Are you fucking married?!’

Shh, shh, keep your voice down! Everyone is upstairs sleeping!

At least I got to do the ol’ ‘Run to your car while still getting dressed’ escape.”



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