Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

35 Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

These conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit will keep you awake tonight, so read with caution.

1. That AskReddit questions about conspiracy theories are periodically posted by the government to measure how close the general public is to uncovering the truth.

2. That aliens are already here on planet earth, and they aren’t extraterrestrial beings but extra-dimensional beings.

This conspiracy is not mine. It actually comes from a guy who called in at a radio show some years ago claiming to be a former employee at Area 51. The guy sounds very distressed and sounds like he is speaking some truth. A fellow Reddit user by the name inpursuitofknowledge pointed this out in the comments with a with a link to a video of the radio show. Which is were this conspiracy comes from. I should also point out that a guy called the radio show weeks later claiming to be the Area 51 caller saying it was all a hoax but apparently his voice didn’t sound like the original caller at all.

3. That Planet X is real, orbits like a comet and so enters the solar system at infrequent intervals, and is home to intelligent life that’s affected past human civilizations.

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