Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

35 Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

These conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit will keep you awake tonight, so read with caution.

14. “Don’t go to the light; it’s a trap!”

The light at the end of the tunnel that people report seeing when they have near death experiences is to be avoided because that’s how “they” get ya. “They” are some unscrupulous aliens who installed a soul collecting machine on the moon or something. The scary thing for me is the idea that you can be tricked into enslaving yourself in the afterlife as soon as you die.

15. So the collapse of civilization is often labeled as a conspiracy theory – case in point r/collapse is a “conspiracy” sub. I think the basis for this is that the sub feels all public estimates of the rate of climate change and general environmental collapse and the eventual consequences have been downplayed by world governments (to avoid panic), scientists (due to reticence and the high standards of scientific evidence) and business interests (because negativity is bad for business).

If true, I don’t think anything could be scarier than the hard road ahead of us toward the destination of human extinction.

16. The past never existed. The future will never exist. Only the present is real.

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