Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

35 Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

These conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit will keep you awake tonight, so read with caution.

9. That JFK was killed by our government because he didn’t want to just be their puppet.

10. That Atlantis is real, humans are a species with amnesia and we had civilizations arise before us that fell hard enough to send us back to the stone age. Pretty terrifying. Remnants of modern civilization would like only last about 10000 years, and that’s only for our largest structures, like the Hoover dam. We can’t learn from our old mistakes if there isn’t a history to study.

11. The reason that we have not made contact with “aliens” is not because they aren’t out there but because they are purposefully being quiet because they are aware of some other large threat.


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