Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

35 Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

These conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit will keep you awake tonight, so read with caution.

27. That human life on earth has started and ended several times before. The human species has repeatedly begun, evolved, advanced, and then died off or was wiped out over and over. And so far, we have demonstrated that we can only last about 5000-10000 years. Ancient sites like Gobeckli Tepi and several other megalithic structures around the world seem to suggest humans may have once had even more advanced technology than we do today, but got wiped out and had to start over again. Some even think the Great Pyramid of Giza is much much older than mainstream scientists and achaeologists say and had a completely different purpose than the “tomb” theory that pervades mainstream beliefs today.

28. That the government curates “conspiracy theories” to suit its interests.

For example, 19 dudes with box cutters pull off a massive broadside attack on US soil. This threatens the very valuable narrative of the invincible USA. Conspiracy theories naturally emerge. The CIA etc work their influence into these, and help popularize the notion that the attack was an inside job. This lets people imagine a US government which is not impotent, but in fact omnipotent (if evil).

A model for this is proposed in the film Mirage Men, which accuses the AFOSI of planting alien/UFO conspiracy theories to discredit people who had observed top secret aircraft.

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