Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

35 Terrifying Conspiracy Theories That Could Actually Be True

These conspiracy theories from Ask Reddit will keep you awake tonight, so read with caution.

24. That the government has a deal with Aliens that they are allowed to abduct and probe us in exchange for technology.

25. The Mandela effect means we’re in an alternate reality.

The Mandela effect is basically that a whole lot of people remember events happening differently than they are officially recorded in history. And it’s called that because a lot of people remember Mandela’s funeral happening years sooner than it actually did.

The theory ties into the cern hadron collider.
No one really knew what would happen when they turned it on. Worse case scenario, it might make a mini black hole and kill us all instantly.

The theory says that when they turned on the collider, it actually did kill us all. And that sudden event shifted our entire world into a parallel reality where we just kind of continued to exist like nothing really happened. The side effects are the Mandela effect and that some people still remember things how they happened in the old reality.

26. Pharmaceutical companies are withholding a cure for cancer because of how much money they make make from the current treatments such as chemo.

Now I know that there are tons of cancers, so there being a single, magical cure is something that just will never happen, but imagine how scary it would be if it were true. These companies are so greedy that they are not only willing to kill millions of people, but also put their family and friends through the terrible ordeal of watching them die slowly from cancer. It’s pretty fucked up.

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