33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

These spooky stories from Ask Reddit only have supernatural explanations.

10. I was in my grandparent’s kitchen with my cousin, talking about all the important things that 9-year-olds have to discuss. We were both seated in swivel chairs perpendicular to a hallway, which ended with a door on the left (to the cellar) and a door on the right (to the bathroom). Suddenly I see a white cat waltz across the hall from out of the cellar and into the bathroom.

My cousin spins back around and stares at me, mouth open and eyes wide. She asks if I just saw the cat walk by and I nod. The two of us get up and walk cautiously to the end of the hallway. The cellar door was closed and latched, and the bathroom was completely empty. I still have no idea what we saw, but it was creepy that we’d both seen the same thing.

11. My cousin committed suicide when he was 23. Entire family was devastated.

My other cousin (his sister) was his favorite person in the world. About 2 hours after his body had been found, my cousin (who I was with at the time) got a call from his number it was nothing but silence and occasional white noise.

After keeping the call going for roughly for 5 minutes, I told her to just hang up. A few minutes after hanging up and she gets a text from his number saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry. I love you. I hope you can forgive me.”

What freaked us out was that the cops still had his phone in evidence and this was back before scheduled texting was a thing. Either a sick prank by some cops or something else…

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