33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

These spooky stories from Ask Reddit only have supernatural explanations.

9. When I was ~8 I was outside my school in the car rider pick up line waiting for my parents. We were all sitting in the front courtyard area and being a bit of a loner I was sting there listening to the kids around me talk and play. Across the street was a huge beautiful old oak tree with a massive plume of leave that were turning colors of orange and red as fall was coming. I was watching the leaves sway in the wind and listening to rising and falling rustle produced. At some point I think I went into a trance watching the leaves and listening to the wind as everything seemed to fade away except for the tree and wind.

It was then I started hearing voice. It seemed to come from the sound of leaves rustling but was also separate from them. It was a whisper that seemed to come from a distance. That may sound cliche but that’s the only way I can describe it.

It simply said, “A big one is coming.”

A bit startled and confused I said I didn’t understand. It repeated itself. I said I didn’t know what it meant and it replied, “You will see”. And that was the end of it. Everything seemed to come back into focus. I told my parents who were spiritual and they were a bit concerned but not alarmed. There had been stories of people in our family who had odd things happen to them. My dad even had a few stories of his own.

A week later I was at my cousins house at dusk playing with them on the trampoline. I was laying on the trampoline resting after playing for the last few hours while my 2 cousins were sitting on the edge talking. The wind started as a light breeze but then picked up to a steady gust. It happened again. This time it said, “It’s coming. It’s coming and they don’t know.” I asked who they were and what it was. It replied back, “Too late, it’s here.” That was the end.

About 10 minutes later the back door swung open to my uncles trailer and my aunt started yelling for us to come in. On the news they were reporting about a tornado that had quickly spawned above a town about 30 minutes north of us. It killed over a dozen people because it spawned so quickly that there was no warning.

I’ve never had that happen again and I’m not sure I’d want it to.

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