33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

33 Spooky Supernatural Stories (That Are Completely True)

These spooky stories from Ask Reddit only have supernatural explanations.

21. When I was 11 maybe 12, I was inside our house’s “bonus room”, basically just an extra large room we used to put all of our gaming stuff and a couch and TV. I was alone and was sitting or standing next to my couch when suddenly as if it were really happening right in-front of me I both saw and heard chanting and beating drums as though a campfire with a Native American tribe was inside the room with me. The outlines of people dancing and chanting around a fire and beating drums while spinning around the whole ceiling, it felt like it lasted maybe 20 seconds. I had never been so awestruck and terrified in my life i felt absolutely chilled. I only ever had supernatural experience maybe once before this and could have otherwise been unsure, but after that I can’t doubt it. I later found out our neighborhood was built on or near Native-American burial grounds.

22. Okay, so just a heads up, the first story was told to me by family that was around for it, the second I remember vividly.

When I was young (like 2-3) my mother was walking me down the hallway to take a nap in her boyfriend’s house. I stopped and told her “I can’t go there”. When she asked why not I told her “Cause Baba and Tim are sleeping there”. We all later found out that her boyfriend had killed his parents in the hallway; Barbra and Tim.

When I was in second grade, I was also going to after school care at a church across the street. Every Friday, the ice cream man would come by. One day I was standing by the fence waiting for the ice cream man, when a man walked up. Well, he was more a shadow than a man, in a trenchcoat and fedora hat. (Picture film noir private eye style) I just stood there looking at him and he kinda waved me over toward him and I walked over, about the time I got over a kickball kicked by a big fifth grader hit the fence about head level. I turned around to see who kicked it, and when I turned back, the shadow guy winked and disappeared. I think I met my guardian angel.

23. I saw several ufos in one night. It was definitely not just helicopters or planes or stars. These things moved like nothing else. Triangular patterns and near instantaneous jumps from one point to another.

It all started when my brother saw a “green ball of fire” falling out of the sky. We went looking and found a lot. The thing that convinced me was when I saw a… spaceship just blink into existence right in front of me and tilt while flying away. It was pretty damn low. Fifty to seventy feet above a row of houses. Totally silent. No wind coming off of it. The other ships fell into a large triangle behind it. It disappeared again. I saw a black helicopter following its path, but we were on foot and couldn’t keep up.

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