27 Women Ask The Question They’ve Always Wanted To Know About Men (And 27 Men Answer)


Q:  “Going through puberty, were you self-conscious about how you looked in the boy’s locker room? Did the other guys make fun of you?”

A: “I was an early developer so I got a bit of shit for having hair and ‘a massive man-dick,’ to quote one lad. It was easily deflected, though… ‘Why are you looking? Like what you see?’ I was self-conscious as hell about it for a while, though.

Funny what you get mocked for as a kid.

Interestingly it was the class bully that stopped them…he bizarrely and with no self-awareness whatsoever decided it was out of order to mock people for things they couldn’t help.

So my penis helped someone become a better person…yeah.”


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