27 Women Ask The Question They’ve Always Wanted To Know About Men (And 27 Men Answer)


Q: “Do you notice perfume on a girl? can certain scents turn you on?”

A:  “Yes and Yes.

Personally, at least, I mostly consciously notice perfume on a girl when it’s been applied cloyingly thick. Perfume is a lot like good makeup, you only notice it in its absence unless you’re trying to make a statement.

Scents can turn me on, but only through association. It’s not so much the scent doing it, but who’s wearing it (and when they wore it first). So it’s not like ‘Oh, yes, Lilac/Lavender #7 will turn on guys,’ but more like ‘I have really turned on associations with Lilac/Lavender #7 so when you wear it, it really turns me on.’”


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