27 Women Ask The Question They’ve Always Wanted To Know About Men (And 27 Men Answer)

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Q:  “What does a vagina feel like when you’re inside of it?”

A: “Suck your cheeks into your mouth, fish-lips style. Stick your pinky in there. Ignore all the suction and just feel the inside of your mouth with your pinky. Like that, but with way more nerve endings.”


Q: “Does having sex feel at all like putting your junk in an apple pie? If not, what does it feel like?”

A: “It feels warm and wet and the whole inside of the vagina puts pressure against the sides of your cock. It is kind of similar to how it would feel if a guy sucked on your fingers, but with the lip pressure along the whole of the finger, rather than just where the lips are.
We can feel all the contractions of your vaginal, as well as some of your abdominal, muscles. The use of these muscles can make it feel as if the vagina is trying to hold your dick inside her and never let go, or it can feel less resistance and eager to let you slide in and out.
The best part is the contractions when a girl orgasms, and feeling your own ‘member’ pulse with your own orgasm.”


Q:  “How many guys do the ‘whiff test’ on a girl’s vagina after fingering them?

A: “Guys smell everything including their own ball sweat. So the answer is yes.”

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