26 Realtors Who Sold Actual Haunted Houses To People

7. Multiple people were shot down during a rave

“In Seattle there was a house just up the block from my work. This was probably around 2007/08 or so. There was a zombie themed rave and said house became the after party. Most of the club kids knew each other and the ages ranged from like 16 to 21. Unfortunately they invited this loner dude who came over and started unloading a shotgun around 6:30-7 in the morning.

Kids dressed like zombies were pouring out of the house jumping over fences, into the street, into the backyard. Nobody knew who was actually wounded and who wasn’t because everybody looked fucked up due to their costume. I think like 6-7 died. It was totally fucked and has always stuck with me. Probably because it was in my neighborhood in which I lived and worked.

Eventually the house went up for sale and I always wondered how much the prospective buyers knew about what happened there. Houses in Seattle don’t stay long on the market so it had a lot of real estate agents and buyers coming and going. I also wondered if there was a little discount considering it’s history.” — TheGhost206


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