26 Realtors Who Sold Actual Haunted Houses To People

20. A young man killed himself inside of the apartment

“The flat opposite my house was occupied for a couple of years by a lovely young man, long hair, Goth clothing (may not be the right word, but fuck it, I’m old), super polite if a bit reserved.

He hanged himself in the flat one day. I only found out afterwards that he had had a liver transplant some years before and was worried his new liver was failing.

I wish I could have helped him. I used to see him at my doctors surgery (I had a new and sickly baby and was there a lot, so was he) but we just said hi, how are you, etc. So sad for him.

The flat has been occupied since by a succession of young couples, I’ve never said a word in case it troubles them but I’ve tried harder since to let them know I’m there if they ever need a friend. Being young and just starting out can be lonely.” — GreyhoundMummy


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