26 Realtors Who Sold Actual Haunted Houses To People

12. His body was decomposing from the heat

“Didn’t sell the house but was managing an apartment and walked in on a guy who was in bed decomposing for two weeks over the worst heat wave in years.

His head was partially melted into the pillow and his back was full of maggots. Had a couple stiff ones that night.

Walked through a house where a hoarder lived and was attacked by fleas and saw a rat in the master bedroom the size of a football. Noticed droppings on the bed too. Lady had been living there her entire life and never threw anything away. Apparently, couldn’t get rid of the rat either.

I’ve flipped and helped with flips and sales since I was 18. I can go on and on and on with the conditions I’ve seen people living in and the history behind them.” — avettwhore


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