26 Realtors Who Sold Actual Haunted Houses To People

11. A ghost haunted the house where a man died

“My dad moved into a house where we later learned that the previous owner’s son killed himself. There was no saying as to whether he lived in the house, but we do know which bedroom was his.

I’m not into paranormal nonsense but my sister had that room. Before we learned about the son killing himself, she had all sorts of weird things happening in the room, alarms going off at odd hours of the night, the tv just turns on/shuts off whenever it feels like it (especially weird when it’s at night and you’re alone)

I don’t like going up there for that reason.

The previous owner also came home one day to catch his wife cheating on him and started shooting at them. He missed them and you can still see the bullet marks in the wall of the master bedroom.” — spaghatta111


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