25 Hikers And Backpackers Reveal The Creepiest, Scariest Things They’ve Found In The Wild

So much fear

Once a friend and I were driving on an old dirt road WAY out in the stix in south Alabama, past an old (19th century) cemetery, when out of nowhere a truck starts tailgating us. This was really late at night and even in the daytime it would have been rare to see a vehicle, so we were a little creeped out. I speed up and the truck stays right on my bumper. I’m now driving as fast as I can without flying off the road on this small, windy dirt road (think Dukes of Hazard only in a Volvo station wagon) and still can’t shake the truck. My buddy who was with me knew the area well and said that we were about to hit a paved road “T-bone” intersection, and that there was also another small dirt road coming off at a sharp angle from that intersection. He said that if I could get ahead just enough to get out of immediate sight of the truck, then I could cut the wheel hard to the left and whip in to the spur road and hopefully ditch the truck.

I did what he said but right when I start the turn at the T-bone I see what looks like an incredibly tall person just inside the tree line across the paved road, covered head to toe in long hair. As I’m turning I shout “Holy shit! Do you see…” and before I can finish my friend says “…that big tall hairy guy!!!” I finish the turn, we ditch the truck, and got the hell out of there, but to this day we really don’t know what we saw.


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