23 DUMB Things Men Do In Bed That They Need To Stop Doing Right Now

23 DUMB Things Men Do In Bed That They Need To Stop Doing Right Now
Vladislav Muslakov
Found on AskReddit.

1. Changing speed when it feels good.

“When I’m just about to cum, like literally a second away, please don’t change what you are doing. Don’t suddenly change speed or technique. Just keep doing EXACTLY what you were doing. The amount of times this has happened to me, and it changes a potentially mind blowing orgasm into a meh one.”


2. Crushing me with your body weight.

“When they are on top and don’t hold up their body weight. You weigh more than me, don’t crush me. Results in me having to be on top 9/10.”


3. Cumming, flopping over, and falling asleep.

“The classic ‘once he’s done it’s all over’ flop, leaving her hanging. Sure, you’re knackered, but try mustering that last little bit of energy to do something for her.”


4. Forcing me to deep-throat you harder. Do you WANT puke all over your dick?

“I cannot stand it when my boyfriend tries to make me deep throat harder than I actually can, when he puts his hand on my back of my head kinda forcing it closer and closer, ya know what I mean? Like dude, do you WANT puke all over your dick?”


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