12 Reasons Men Don’t Text Back

“Sometimes men are nervous and are actually very into you, but they put off texting back because they want everything to be perfect. I’ve put off texting someone back that I really liked for the STUPIDEST reasons ever: Nerves, gas, a zit, hungover, cut myself shaving and don’t want her to think that I’m uncoordinated idiot who can’t even shave myself, or because she wants to go get food and I’m too embarrassed to admit that I just ate the left half of the Jack In The Box menu. And they could be busy. Time flies when you’re busy while time stands still when you’re waiting for someone to text back. I’ve had many times where I didn’t realize that my girlfriend was waiting for a response to something for like a half hour because I decided to do the dishes or something and the time flew. Also, I’ve straight up ignored texts from a girl because she was crazy.” – Tony, 32.

I had to interject here and ask, can you elaborate? What makes a girl “crazy”?

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