50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“During some cave exploring or spelunking (don’t know the difference between them) my family and some friends were in some deep caves and as we were heading out, we found a slit about knee high in the rock. Getting on your stomach, there was a tight squeeze you could get into and it lead to a small crawlspace in the rock, with quartz growing on the ceiling making a beautiful crystal ceiling display. We went in one by one, and if you were claustrophobic this place was your living nightmare. Most times you could feel the ceiling on your back and the floor on your stomach every time you took a breath. We went deep in and it was just incredible, like a small world tucked away within solid rock. I had made it as deep in as it could go, before the path waned to the left and covered with stalagmites and stalactites of sediment. Everyone was having a grand time when we started feeling some trickles of water on our backs. It turns out, it was raining outside and with the way the crawlspace dipped down before flattening out, this whole place would fill up with rainwater pretty damn quickly with the only way for it to drain out was the way we came in. It started as trickles before it went into streams and began to pool up. Being the furthest away from the exit and you can only just crawl flat on your stomach with jagged crystal pointing down from the ceiling, I started to panic a bit. Everyone crawled out as fast as they could as the water kept coming in, the streams growing larger and larger. We left one at a time as fast as we could, but it wasn’t fast enough. I could feel the water coming up to my chin as I crawled behind my brother. Each inch I took forward felt so painfully slow that I could feel the walls compress around me, and the water was unrelenting, now splashing against my panicked squirms.

I got out just as the water was up to my lips, and everyone got out safely.”


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