50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“This is ongoing. Maybe too late to get noticed. I live in a modest house on a quiet street. 9 years ago, someone bought the house next to me to basically shelve their 18yo schizophrenic son. They pay the rent and utilities and occasionally drop off cash. He has done about as well as an unmanaged schizophrenic can do on his own. To paint an image, he is a muscular black guy with telltale crazy eyes. He stands on his balcony around 3am most nights screaming and threatening… someone (voices, me, I can’t tell). The first major incident was when he shot a deer from his second-story balcony. It was standing across the street about 4ft from a neighbor’s bedroom. The police came and left when he didn’t answer. I woke up to swat in my bushes the next morning with some serious scoped weapons. He left with them but returned in a few weeks. Astonishingly, I discovered that he incurred no charges for this. Aside from this, it has been general weirdness: running down the street yelling, wearing winter clothing in the summer/sometimes boxers in the winter, collecting shopping carts, breaking windows, etc.

Over the last 2 years, he has become focused more on me. I first noticed when he told me to stop contacting him. As in, I had become one of the voices. I had always been neighborly to him and helped how I could, but it is becoming clear that he is directing his paranoia at me (40ish dude). He is becoming more aggressive. Slashed tires, trampled plants, things missing. I call the police, they take a record and say there is nothing they can do. I call his father and he tells me he is an adult and can’t make him check into a facility. He won’t sell the house or move him. For reference, they are from somewhere in the world that attempting an exorcism is a reasonable course of action.

Last week, he began banging on my door at 3am nightly. He thinks I am stealing his rap lyrics (like I am going to publish an album about killing and raping white people). My family is terrified and he runs by the time I make it outside. I report it every time, but he doesn’t answer the door and the cops/crisis team just leave. I really feel like the system is dropping the ball here, and it is going to take an incident for something to be done. Maybe not the scariest thing in the world to you, dear reader, but it is in mine.”


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