50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“I remember back when I was 7 my family and I had moved into a new house. We had only been there for a few months and our next door neighbors were constantly fighting. Our houses were fairly close, almost a full arms length away from one of our windows. Anyways, one night as me and my sisters were getting ready for bed we heard the usual arguing and thought nothing of it. The next day after I had finished getting dressed from school I walked outside my front door and as I was walking up to our front gate I noticed something to my left in the neighbor’s front yard. It was the young woman just laying there on the floor on her back. I vividly remember the way she looked, she was wearing a pink shirt and her right arm was stretched out towards our fence. My mom came out next and saw her right away, she quickly rushed me and my sisters into her car and dropped us off at school. When I got home that day there was police tape blocking off the neighbor’s house and that’s when I realized that she was dead. I honestly thought she had passed out from drinking but she’d been murdered by her lover, stabbed in the stomach multiple times”


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